Job Opening: Surplus Sale Assistant Manager


Be part of this great team!    Help raise funds to build and repair homes!

The Sale accepts donations of construction materials, home improvement items, furniture, antiques and other items, and sells them to raise funds to build and repair homes for local low-income families in need of decent, affordable housing.

Palouse Habitat for Humanity is the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a global, nonprofit housing organization based on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope.

This paid part-time position requires experience in office management, volunteer recruitment and supervision, marketing skills, ability to drive a 14′ box truck and lift up to 50 lbs, experience with retail, and high school diploma or equivalent.  Preferred qualifications are experience with a nonprofit, and with DIY or construction materials.

Assistant Manager works Tuesday and Wednesday 9-5:00 and Thursday 9-1:00.  Occasionally will be required to help on Friday and Saturday.

DEADLINE:  Until filled.  Please submit a brief resume with cover letter.  References welcome.



Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale Assistant Manager

This position assists the Surplus Sale Manager in overseeing the operations and performance of the Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale.  This is a half-time position, working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  The Surplus Sale Assistant Manager oversees the Surplus Sale in the absence of the Manger.  The Assistant Manager works with the Manger to set annual plans and goals for the Surplus Sale.  Management responsibilities include: develop and maintain an adequate donation stream; work with Habitat office team to develop and implement a marketing plan; recruit, supervise, train, and motivate volunteers; oversee daily sales, bookkeeping and deposits; and ensure consistent quality experience for customers and volunteers, ensuring safety, security, and maintenance of the facilities and property.  Ultimately, the Surplus Sale Assistant Manager ensures that donors, customers and volunteers have an excellent experience when working with the Surplus Sale, and that the Surplus Sale is an effective fundraising mechanism to help Palouse Habitat for Humanity carry out its mission of home building and home repair for local low-income families.

Surplus Sale Assistant Manager will assist the Manger with the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. In conjunction with the Executive Director and PHFH Board, establish policies and procedures for a safe, secure and high-quality performance of all aspects of the Surplus Sale.
  2. In conjunction with the PHFH Volunteer Coordinator, recruit and train volunteers; attend PHFH Board meetings in absence of Manager, and assist Manager with annual report at the end of each fiscal year.
  3. Oversee pricing practices; ensure prices reflect current market conditions.
  4. Oversee scheduling Surplus Sale activities including volunteer schedules, maintenance and repair activities, sales and special events.
  1. Responsible for maintaining the stocking of warehouse through acceptance of donations. This includes supervising the Surplus Sale Truck driver. May include driving and picking up donations, light truck/vehicle maintenance and fork-lift operation.
  1. Provide for volunteer welcoming and safety briefings with all groups and non-regular volunteers. Such briefings are to be given to regular volunteers at least annually.
  2. Review monthly the condition of exterior and interior building and develop detailed Project Plans (description of work, budget, identification of volunteers, schedule, etc) for approval by the Executive Director for necessary maintenance and improvement.
  3. Maintain and expand the donor and contribution base for the Surplus Sale, working in conjunction with the Executive Director and Development Committee.
  4. In conjunction with the Executive Director and Development Committee, design and carry out advertising and awareness-building campaigns to raise the store’s visibility in the community, and build the donor and customer base.
  5. Oversee the store display, arrangement of items and best utilization of the available display space and use an inventory control system to ensure appropriate turnover of aging stock.
  6. Track sales data to determine items in demand; develop donor base to assure dependable stream of donations in demand by customers and to encourage repeat customers.
  7. Complete a daily close out and bank deposit.  Work with PHFH bookkeeping volunteer to maintain sales, accounting and banking records for the Surplus Sale.  Ensure appropriate computer systems are in place to keep records correctly and donors appropriately tracked.
  8. Work with PHFH Board and individual committee functions relating to store activities.
  9. Represent Surplus Sale publically as needed before various local and community groups.
  10. Develop relationships with other Habitat Store and ReStore managers (regional and otherwise) to identify “best practices” and programs that are mutually beneficial,and take advantage as appropriate of training and other materials available through HFHI for ReStore and Sale managers.
  11. Participate in related training, including HFHI webinars and conferences, to stay current with HFHI policies and guidelines as well as learn ways to improve the Surplus Sale.
  12. Complete and file accident & witness incident reports with the Executive Director according to HFHI policy and guidelines.
  13. Responsible to Surplus Sale Manager.
  14. Other duties as mutually agreed to.
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