Jobs and Internships

We appreciate your interest in working with Palouse Habitat!

Palouse Habitat for Humanity employs full- and part-time staff in the office and at the Surplus Sale to make the organization a success. We strive to keep our staff at the right size - just enough to provide the infrastructure necessary to make our mission successful and engage our volunteers. We employ a Manager, Assistant Manager, and Truck Crew at the store, an Executive Director, Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator in the office, and a Construction Supervisor on the build site.

Construction Supervisor

Surplus Sale Pick up and Delivery Crew

If you are interested in knowing any future staff openings at the Habitat office or Surplus Sale, please contact us.

Additionally, keep an eye on our Facebook pages and the front page of the website, as job openings may be posted there first.

Palouse Habitat for Humanity is an Equal Employment Opportunity company and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or other protected status.