Volunteeer FAQ

What volunteer opportunities are available?

The two most common volunteer opportunities are to help on the build site or volunteer at the Surplus Sale store. 

Construction: Current build hours are Thursdays 9-4 and Saturdays 9-4

  • Construction volunteers help with various tasks, including framing, painting, and siding.
  • There is a small, recurring band of volunteers called the Codger Crew that volunteer regularly and their efforts are supplemented by individuals and groups volunteering on the build site.
  • We also look for help providing lunches for construction volunteers on build days.

Surplus Sale Store – Volunteers needed Thursdays (Noon-5) and Friday/Saturday (9-5) for all hours the Surplus Sale store is open.at 304 North Main in Moscow.  Wide variety of jobs available from front desk help, cashier, prep and test donations, accepting donations, pick-up donations, etc.

Other – check out our volunteer information page on other volunteering opportunities with Palouse Habitat.

Do I need to sign up to volunteer?

Yes, you need to sign up in advance to volunteer on the build site or at the Surplus Sale store.  Please contact us for more information or check out our Volunteer Opportunities page on our website.

Is there a volunteer orientation?

For construction volunteers, yes! All volunteers must complete the online registration form (or one at the build site) and sign the waiver on the back of the registration form the first time they volunteer. BEFORE YOU COME:  Please review this online safety course at http://hfhaffiliateinsurance.com/volunteers/ and wait until “Free Online Volunteer Safety Training Course - Helping You Work Safely With Habitat” is displayed.  Then click on “Begin Now”. You should see “Online Training Course Instructions” and the access code “W8NAEBTG”. Click on “Take Training Course Now”, enter the access code, and click “Submit”. You are welcome to take any of the courses listed however we would like everyone to take “Volunteering On A Habitat for Humanity Job Site”.

What is the age requirement to volunteer with Habitat?

Everyone on the build site must be at least 16 years of age. Those under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian.  If you are 16 you can volunteer at the Surplus Sale store by yourself if your parent signs the necessary paperwork.

Can I fulfill my community service hours with Habitat (court or school assigned)?

Yes! Please make sure to sign in and out on our volunteer tracking sheet so we can confirm your volunteer hours if necessary.  Please bring with you any forms you need to have filled out and have the construction site supervisor or store manager to sign it at the end of the day.  Volunteer tracking forms are stored at the office and you can call 208-883-8502 for assistance afterwards in confirming hours.

What should I do if I need to cancel?

Cancellations do happen, but it is important that they be minimized.  Keep in mind that once you are scheduled to volunteer, our construction and store plan accordingly.  If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible by calling the office or contacting us. The office is not open Saturdays.

How do I register my group to work?

Contact us to request to schedule your group.  Depending on the work, we may need to limit the number of volunteers on the worksite.  Once you have scheduled a work day, we will email you information to help coordinate your volunteers.  Each volunteer should review the online safety video and sign our volunteer registration form and liability waiver.

What should I wear?

On the build site, whether the task is painting, landscaping or roofing, your clothes and shoes WILL get dirty, so please dress accordingly. You MUST wear closed-toe shoes. T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts are also suggested.  Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended if seasonally appropriate.  Avoid loose fitting or baggy clothes.

At the Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale, volunteers must dress appropriately for a retail setting.  Close-toed shoes are essential.  Clothing should be comfortable and provide good coverage.  Please do not wear clothing with messages or crude/offensive language.

What time do I need to arrive on the build site, and how long will we work?

You will receive an email confirming the time period for volunteering.  When you arrive, please check in with our Construction Committee Chair, Brent Bradberry, when you arrive for orientation and safety briefing.  It is very important to arrive promptly so we can begin on time!  For safety reasons, late comers or those not registered to work can be turned away.

What if I can only work in the afternoon?

We sometimes have morning and afternoon shifts available.  Please contact us to discuss available slots.  If you only volunteer in the afternoon, you will still receive an orientation and safety briefing.  Our Habitat Surplus Sale maybe also be a good fit for your volunteer needs as full and half day shifts are available, as well as other blocks convenient for your schedule.

Are volunteers provided lunch?

Sometimes on the build site. On Thursday work days, generally no so volunteers bring their own lunch.  Often on Saturdays lunch is provided for volunteers.  This will be confirmed in an email before you attend and we will ask you to let us know beforehand if you have any food restrictions so we can plan ahead. We have water on the site but you are welcome to bring a water bottle and snack if you would like.

Do I need to have prior construction experience?

No! Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome. We have skilled staff and volunteer leaders on site to explain and supervise each task. Safety is our highest concern. When you arrive, you will be given an orientation and safety briefing.  If you are not comfortable with a task, you can simply ask to do something else. 

What should I do if it is raining or the weather is bad?

If you are scheduled to volunteer, please report to the job site regardless of weather conditions.  Sometimes work days are cancelled due to inclement weather forecasts and we will contact you beforehand if it changes your work day.  If weather changes so quickly on a build day, we will release you from the jobsite if weather gets too extreme for work.  In case of a major weather event, please follow all government restrictions and regulations.

Do I need to bring tools?

We will have all the necessary tools and supplies onsite, so you are not required to bring any tools with you. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our volunteer coordinator

  • Send us a message

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