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All funds raised from the sale of your donations help build and repair homes for those in need on the Palouse.

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Giving back to your community has never been so easy!  When you donate with Palouse Habitat for Humanity Surplus Sale you are contributing to an amazing mission.

We accept new and gently used items. Check out more details on what donations are acceptable below.

We are able to pick-up items for donation! Call our donation hotline: (208) 882-5246 or schedule a pick-up by clicking the button below.

NOTE:  All donations must be items we can resell.  They must be clean and in good working condition.  Our team may refuse donations which do not meet our criteria. See below list from HFHI limiting the items we can accept. 



  1. Aluminum Windows, Sliding Glass Doors (too heavy), or Vinyl Windows Missing Nail Flanges
  2. Appliances if 10 years old or older
  3. Bedding - Mattresses, box springs, futons, hide-a-bed couches, cribs (anything meant to be slept on)
  4. Bifold Doors
  5. Blinds if used - must also contain installation hardware
  6. Books, CDs, DVDs, Records and Magazines

*We do take recent home maintenance media*

  1. Broken or nonfunctional items (even if repairable)
  2. Cabinets if damaged or unsellable
  3. Carpet if used
  4. Chemical Items - cleaners, toothpaste, Clorox, Dusting Sprays, etc.
  5. Children’s Items - Car Seats, Cribs, etc.
  6. Clothing (except good tool belts, knee pads, safety gear)
  7. Computers, Printers, and Computer Parts
  8. Cordless Power Tools without batteries & chargers
  9. Dishes, Utensils, Pots, Pans, etc.
  10. Dishwashers made before 2014
  11. Entertainment Centers - older style (for smaller TVs)
  12. Exercise/Sports Equipment
  1. Faucets if used
  2. Fluorescent Light Bulbs (tubes, CFLs)
  3. Garbage Disposals
  4. Garage Doors and mechanical openers
  5. Garden/Jacuzzi and used fiberglass tubs
  6. Glass/Glass Shelves/Mirrors if unframed
  7. Hazardous Materials
  8. Luggage of any kind
  9. Open bags of Cement, Mortar, Drywall, Grout, etc.
  10. Paint or Stain unless new, or mostly full and usable
  11. Pianos and other heavy instruments
  12. Shower Doors and Enclosures
  13. Sinks if composite, cultured marble, or cast iron (too heavy)
  14. Tile if previously installed
  15. Toilets - 3.5 GPF or used
  16. Toys
  17. Vacuum Cleaners if used
  18. Window Coverings - drapes, blinds, curtain rods
  19. Wood scraps - trim, planks, molding (less than 4 feet)

Some donations may be declined due to safety concerns, facility limitations, excess stock, or marketability.