Beans 'n' Jeans

Beans 'n' Jeans is Online for 2021 -
April 10-17th

Beans ‘n’ Jeans will run online April 10-17, 2021, and we hope you’ll join us!  The event will feature an online auction, live social media events throughout the month, and close with a short, live event on Saturday, April 17th.

What does Beans ‘n’ Jeans online look like in 2021? 

  • Sponsors needed! We again are asking Habitat supporters to sponsor the event.  Click here to check out our sponsorship form. Thanks to the experience gained from the success of the August 2021 online event, we will offer new ways to recognize donors and sponsors.
  • Can you help to Raise the Roof?  The Beans 'n' Jeans auction website will be live shortly and any Habitat supporter can donate until April 18th at midnight. 100% of these Raise the Roof paddle raise donations will go to build the homes in Uniontown.
  • Bid, bid, bid!  – Our silent auction will begin Saturday, April 10th at 5:00 AM and end on Saturday, April 17th at 5:00 PM.  Bid on a huge variety of items and all proceeds will help build in Uniontown. To donate to the auction, click here to download a form.
  • Celebrate online with Habitat on Saturday, 17th at 7:00 PM with a brief, 15-minute Facebook Live Event.  We invite all Habitat supporters to this event to see the progress in Uniontown and hear about what we achieved with Beans ‘n’ Jeans.

Thank you for your support. With your help, we are changing lives.

Beans 'n' Jeans During Covid-19:

  • We look forward to when we can gather again in person for Beans 'n' Jeans.  But with a regular attendance nearing 400 people, we have decided for 2021 it is necessary again to run online.
  • We recognize that these are challenging times for our community and not every one can participate in financial support of Beans 'n' Jeans this year.  Habitat welcomes your support in any form, including your prayers and good wishes for our success.  Also, know that we are committed to the Habitat philosophy of building not only homes, but communities and hope.  Part of our strategy to build community is to highlight our supporters (even if they have to take a break this year) with regular Community Share posts on our social media and website.
  • There are silver linings to all these changes and we are hoping to make the most of them!  There is no cap on attendance so help spread the word about this opportunity to help Habitat!

Click below to download the Sponsor Form and Donation Form. Or call 208-882-5246 or email to receive a copy, or more information on how you can help. You can bring your donation by the office Monday-Friday 10:30 to 2:30 or contact us for a pick-up.

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Thanks to all the 2020 Habitat Supporters
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