PHFH weekly update, 3/14/2022

Palouse Habitat Update 3.14.2022:

Beans ‘n’ Jeans Update: Register now for the online auction part of Beans ‘n’ Jeans coming up April 8-16th to raise the funds to build the 2022 home build for the Martinez family. Pick up of silent auction items will be April 18-20th at the Habitat office in Moscow. We have 192 items entered so far in our auction (live and silent auctions) thanks to the generous donations of local businesses and Habitat supporters. Scan the QR code in this post or click on to register for the online auction and get updates on the event.

Construction Update:
Good morning;
There are three scheduled work days this week.
Wed 16 March: Meet at the south warehouse at 0900. We will disassemble and retrieve a donated ramp located on Tomer Rd, Moscow. Lunch on our own.
Thurs 17 March: Work starts at 0900 at the Hansen house; concentrating on texturing and priming. Lunch will be provided by Cassandra and Travis (Thank you!).
Sat 19 March: Work starts at 0900 at the Hansen house; continue interior work. Lunch on our own.
Watch for updates, as weather and other factors are variable.

Home Repair Update:
We completed the large ramp in Malden last Wednesday, and are caught up with the urgent ramp requests. We have several jobs coming up, each of which is “non-urgent”.
1. A well built and nearly new ramp in Moscow has been donated to us; we plan to dis-assemble it next Wednesday.
2. A couple in Pullman will need a small ramp within the next few weeks. I plan to inspect next week to see what they need.
Our volunteers are also helping the Lewis Clark Valley Habitat with a family that moved to Clarkston and needs help reconfiguring a ramp from the VA they brought with them.

Shop and donate at the Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale Wednesday-Saturdays 10 AM to 5:00 PM at 304 North Main in Moscow.

The Palouse Habitat office is open Monday-Friday 10:30 to 2:30 PM but may have reduced hours this week so call ahead before visiting.