How We Can Help

If you are decluttering your home, or assisting friends or family, don't worry. At Palouse Habitat, we understand that the process of downsizing can be stressful, daunting, and even scary. That's why we are here to help. Turn your clutter into a meaningful impact at Palouse Habitat ReStore by donating your items.

The ReStore offers free pickup to help make this overwhelming process even easier. We recognize that downsizing can come with some logistical challenges, such as, short timeline, coming from out of town, or accessory buildings like a shop or garage.  Whatever your project, don't let the items you no longer need end up in your local landfill.

To take the pressure off your downsizing, check out some of our tips below. 

1. Start Early

Don't wait until the last minute to start packing, cleaning, and donating. Take some of the pressure off by starting the process early. Take time to understand your space and visualize what you want it to look like going forward. Give yourself the time to decide "do I need it?" instead of waiting and having to think "will it fit?" Go room by room and create to do lists to make sorting your space easier.

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2. Sort Your Items

Go room by room and make multiple piles to sort your belongings into. Start with the these five categories:

Trash: This category is obvious. However, if an item doesn't fit in any other category it likely belongs here.

Recycle: Paper, plastic, metal, electronics, etc. If it can't be donated or thrown away, find the appropriate disposal method.

Keep: This is where you will spend a good majority of your time. As you sort through your belongings you will inevitably run into difficult decisions. It's important to remember your space from step 1. Do you need that item? Will you use it?

Sentimental: It's inevitable that you will run into items that bring you and spark fond memories. It may be that many of your items may have sentimental value. You can invite some family over to visit these items and memories together. They may even be interested in taking some of them off your hands.

Donate: This category can include many things. These items will be belongings that are in good condition that you no longer have a use for. For example, clothes that no longer fit or a couch that you no longer need.

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3. Get Fresh Eyes

You just planned out your space and sorted all of your belongings. Now its time to get friends and family involved in the process. It's important to get a fresh perspective on your piles, new questions that you may not have thought to ask can come to light. Start by assigning rooms and having your friends and family go through your piles. Work together with them to get more eyes on the indecisive items.

Use this flowchart to help further sort your items and begin determining what you should do with them.

4. Donate

Now that you have planned and sorted out your space and belongings, its time to get rid of those unwanted belongings. You're in luck! Palouse Habitat ReStore takes many forms of donations. A list of acceptable and unacceptable donation items can be found here: Below are some tips to help make the donation process easier.

Oversized Items: Get the big things out of the way first. These are the items that you know will for sure not fit in your new space, things like a large table or a china cabinet.

Furniture: This means all of those empty seats that never get filled. Give your unused or unwanted furniture a new home by dropping them off today at the Palouse Habitat ReStore.

Clothes: Think about the last time you wore that piece of clothing. If its been over a year its time to let it go. Get rid of all of those too tight, too big, no longer worn clothes.

CDs, DVDs, & Books: Its time to take advantage of streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Kindle, and stop stacking CDs, DVDs, and books.

Sporting Equipment & Toys: If you have an old set of golf clubs hanging out in the back of your garage, its time to brush off the dust and donate them. The same goes for old, no longer played with toys.

Appliances: Its easy to overlook small appliances like an old blender or hand mixer. If these items are taking up too much space or are no longer getting used, give them a second life at the ReStore today.

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Why Donate to the ReStore?

Your donation helps families! All of the money that is raised by the Palouse Habitat ReStore helps families build a decent and affordable place to call home. When the items you donate to the ReStore are sold, the money helps families achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better future. Let us be your first stop when donating items. We accept new and gently used items. Give your items a second life with us!