PHFH weekly update, 4/5/2022

Palouse Habitat Update for 4.5.2022 with your Beans ‘n’ Jeans To Do list!

Construction/Home Repair Update:
Good evening;
There are 3 scheduled work days this week.
Wed 6 April Meet at the south warehouse at 0900. We’ll build a large threshold ramp and then deliver it to Pullman. Lunch on our own.
Thurs 7 April Work at the Hansen house starting at 0900. Concentration on floors. Lunch is provided by Habitat volunteer and former board member, Kathy Slinker. Thanks, Kathy!
Sat 9 April Work at the Hansen house starting at 0900. Continue interior work (floors, interior doors, trim). Lunch on your own. Details are subject to change so watch for updates.

Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale is open Wednesday-Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM at 304 North Main in Moscow. Our donation truck has been out a lot collecting lots of great donations. The Furniture Annex is full! If you know WSU Pullman or University of Idaho students moving out soon, encourage them to donate any leftover furniture, lamps, and desks to the store.

The Palouse Habitat administrative office is open Monday-Friday 10:30 to 2:30 PM at 306 North Main in Moscow. Lots going on now for Beans ‘n’ Jeans. We encourage all local Habitat supporters to check out the Beans ‘n’ Jeans website to register for the silent auction that runs online April 8-16th, donate to build the Martinez home, or order your To Go Dinner Box by April 8th.