PHFH weekly update, 8/9/2021

Palouse Habitat Update for August 9th with picture from August 6th of the Home Repair volunteers from Habitat, Moscow Central Lions Club, United Way of Whitman County, and United Way of Moscow/Latah County building a ramp in Moscow.

Home Repair Update:
Yesterday (6 Aug) we installed a ramp for a family in Moscow. This was a fairly large wooden modular ramp and required some muscle. The total time involved including loading the truck and travel time was 5 hours. We plan to install a somewhat similar ramp next Wed for a woman in Moscow. We will then have enough components in the warehouse for one medium to large wooden ramp, and one small aluminum ramp. We are also ready to build some more wooden modules, especially if lumber prices drop a little more.

Construction Update:
Good morning all;
There are three scheduled work days this week. Very hot days are forecast as the week progresses, so note that work at the Uniontown site begins and ends earlier than has been usual.
Wed 11 Aug We will install a wooden modular ramp in Moscow. Meet at the south warehouse at 0800; lunch on our own.
Thurs 12 Aug Work begins at the Uniontown site at 0700. Concentration on framing the Hansen home; lunch on our own.
Sat 14 Aug Work begins at the Uniontown site at 0700. Continue work on the Hansen home; lunch on our own.

Save the date – 23 August. The annual Palouse Habitat volunteer picnic is scheduled for 23 August, and we are all invited.

Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale is open Wednesday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for shopping and donating at 304 North Main in Moscow.

Palouse Habitat office is open 10:30 to 2:30 PM Monday to Fridays at 306 North Main in Moscow.