Palouse Habitat Update for Week of February 14, 2022

Palouse Habitat Update for 2.14.2022 and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Construction/Home Repair Update:
There are three work days scheduled this week; things can change rapidly so watch for updates during the week.
Wed 16 Feb: Meet at the south warehouse at 0900; we will install a wooden modular ramp in Malden. Lunch on our own. If time allows we will retrieve an aluminum ramp from Diamond, WA on our way home from Malden.
Thurs 17 Feb: Work starts at 0900 at the Hansen house. Concentration on sheetrock, Lunch on our own.
Sat 19 Feb: Work starts at 0900 at the Hansen house. Continue interior work. We look forward to welcoming volunteers to the build site from Plateau Archaeological Investigations, LLC! Lunch on our own.
Good news – we have a new construction worker. You’ll have a chance to meet him this week.
Jacob M. is joining Palouse HFH as a half time Construction Assistant on Wednesday 2/16. Jacob is a graduate of Gar-Pal High School, has worked as a farm hand Sawyer in Palouse and recently completed a course in welding. He is joining Habitat to get hands-on experience in the construction trades, and will work primarily on the Build Site and Home Repair teams. He will work in the Store Wednesday afternoons after the home repair project is done. Jacob enjoys model trains and video games.

Palouse Habitat Surplus Sale is open 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Wednesday through Friday for shopping and donating. The Furniture Annex is looking a bit bare so if you have items to donate, bring them by or call 208-882-5246 for a pick up with our Donation Truck.

Palouse Habitat office is open Monday-Friday 10:30 to 2:30 PM at 306 North Main in Moscow. Lots of great auction items are coming in for Beans ‘n’ Jeans – there’s even a page on the Beans ‘n’ Jeans auction website to Donate an Item, see