PHFH weekly update, 3/7/2022

Palouse Habitat Update for March 7, 2022 with picture of last Tuesday’s Staff/Volunteer Meeting for the Surplus Sale:

Construction/Home Repair Update:
Good morning;
There are three work days scheduled this week.
Wed 9 March: Meet at the south warehouse at 0900. We have (at least) two options depending on the weather: either a small job in Malden, or retrieving a donated ramp in Moscow, or …?
Lunch on our own. Watch for updates.
Thurs 10 March: Work starts at 0900 at Uniontown. Continuing mudding and taping in the Hansen house. Lunch on our own.
Sat 12 March: Work starts at 0900 at Uniontown. Continuing mudding and taping in the Hansen house. Lunch will be provided (thanks to Habitat Board Chair, Cathy Blood).

Surplus Sale Update:
Notes from Eldon, the Store Manager: Hello all! I am pleased to report our first week of the year meeting our weekly goal of $4000. We cleared it with 24 bucks to spare. Donations are picking up! Let’s hope current trends continue!
Thank you to all the volunteers helping with covering holes and keeping this place looking great. I still have some holes on Friday Morning and Saturday afternoon. For the next couple of weeks, I have a need for Thursday morning. Vacation season looks to be opening a little soon, but we also have some good help looking to return to lend a hand. It’s great to see some volunteers returning after a break.
A big thanks to all the volunteers that attended the Volunteer/Staff meeting last Tuesday. Minutes were taken and sent out to all the store regular volunteers. After a discussion, it was decided that the store will be mask optional for shoppers. Masks and hand sanitizer will still be provided for all shoppers, but masks are not required in the store.

Palouse Habitat Office Update:
The office will be open Monday-Friday 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Keep those Beans ‘n’ Jeans donations coming! It’s so fun to see all the amazing things the community is donating to help raise the funds needed to build the 2022 Moscow home for the Martinez family. The office may be on somewhat limited hours next week, please call to confirm staff is in before visiting.