Help Finish the Martinez home with your Avenues for Hope Donation

Avenues for Hope began at 7:00 AM on Monday, December 12th.  We hope we can  count on your support!   

There is no better time to give to help raise the last $42,000 to finish the Martinez home in Moscow.  

Check out our giving page at to learn how you can make the dream of home ownership a reality for Aimee and her twin boys. 

Avenues for Hope helps raise funds for nonprofits and school districts providing housing and/or supportive services to low-income or homeless Idahoans. Online giving continues through Friday, December 31st online at 

Wondering how you can maximize your gift? 

  • Early Bird Giving on December 12th: Give on December 12th, between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM PST. Twelve gifts of $25 will help us win the $500 Early Bird Special prize.  
  • Weekend Warrior Prize: Give this weekend on December 17th and 18th to help us win a Weekend Warrior prize.  We get an additional $250 if we get 12 unique gifts this weekend. 
  • Make a Match: Give any time before December 31st.  Avenues for Hope will match ALL online gifts up to $2500 dollar-to-dollar that you make!